Thursday, 26 June 2014

How to Style your Hallway Console

Stylists and interior designers love to create little conversational groupings otherwise known as vignettes, on coffee tables, mantelpieces, bookshelves or pretty much any flat surface they can find. If you have a space in your hallway for a console table don’t let its only use be where you drop your keys, it’s actually a great place to create your own personal vignette.

You can create relationships between disparate items from various eras with a vignette, which is perfect for those of us with a magpie eye. It best to start with any art that you might want to hang above the console. That will help with your colour palette and then add items to the horizontal plane. The focus should be on layering textures, size and contrast. Whether you want a theme or you prefer a broader, more eclectic look, a vignette can be a low budget way to fashion a focal point in your space. 

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