Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Get in the Garden!

I know its only Tuesday but the weekend weather is meant to be good and that means it’s the perfect opportunity for an outdoor garden party.  So grab your friends and family and look to maximise these sweltering summer nights.  The success of an unplanned get together is the planning. So with a little thought on drinks, food, lighting and music your impromptu party will impress.

The light at sunset is unbeatable, but when it's dark you can keep that magic alive if you use candles in your gardens and balconies. Its also worthwhile considering some LED lights or fairy lights too.

Bowls and glasses are essential at a party and in the garden ideally they need to be unbreakable as glass and porcelain are always subject to accidents.  A couple of gorgeous wooden bowls will stand up to most knocks

Food doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming just readily accessible.

Your Ice bucket may not be big enough if you’ve got more people around. So consider filling a trough or garden planter with ice instead.

Don’t run out of drinks, it’s a fatal blow to party so make sure you’ve stocked up or ordered an online shop. Consider making pitchers of cocktails or Pimms that will definitely keep the party mood flowing.

Items via thewhitecompany, house of fraser and heals

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