Monday, 4 August 2014

7 Fabulous Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights can have a huge impact on your garden or balcony space, so choose one that best suits your style. You can light up your patio or porch with a stylish outdoor wall light, use solar lights within your planting to create an enchanting garden scene, use fairy or party line lights to bring a fun element to parasols or use with lanterns nestled in shrubs or hanging from hooks. These seven options will certainly shine.

1. Nordlux Elements Galvanised Outdoor Wall Light from John Lewis
2. Foras Mira Outdoor Burner, Brushed Stainless Steel / Teak Pole from John Lewis
3. Davey Oval Brass Bulkhead Outdoor Light Range from Heals
4. Davey Lighting Exterior Bracket Light from Heals
5. LED Hood Spike Kit 12V by Mr. Resistor
6. Bella Vista Outdoor LED Light Garlands from Rocket St George
7. House by John Lewis Solar Outdoor String Lanterns

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