Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How to choose a coffee table

Choosing a coffee table is easy, right? So why does it seem so hard when you’re in the shop staring at the various options. As a coffee table is often a point of focus in your living room its worth figuring out in advance a couple of critical pieces of information.

Take some measurements – sounds like a non-tip but make sure you have those measurements with you in your handbag or on your phone. You should measure the length and height of your sofa and the area where you'll place the coffee table in front of it. Your table should be about the same height as the top of the sofa seat cushions.

Choose a coffee table that reflects the style of your room. If you’ve got lots of vintage finds then head to the flea market to see what you can find. Do you have lots of wood in your living room? Look at matching the tones.  Buying a Walnut table when everything is scrubbed pine will look out of place. Is everything minimal and contemporary? Then a large rustic table is unlikely to be your choice.

Consider the function of your coffee table. Will people be putting plates and drinks on it while watching television?  Or heaven forbid their feet? Would you like the table to be styled with books and decorative object’s? Do you need drawers to store things like remote controls?

You’ll be all set for table hunting if you’ve got this questions sorted before you leave home.  But if you’re still in doubt take a quick picture of your living room with you on your phone.

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